Summer Village Cottage Prices Part III


September 19, 2014

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Summer Village at the Pond Cottages

In our past two posts, we’ve given specific pricing information on a model Juniper and a Sycamore style cottage that is under construction. Construction is also underway on Linden and Juniper style cottages, but the specific options and upgrades in those cottages will depend on the buyers. We are just bringing the cottages to “weather tight” so buyers can personalize the cottages with their selections. The only option that we have added at this point are lofts — an extra half bath is included in the base price of all new cottages.

As a starting point, let’s look at the base price for these two Summer Village cottage styles during our Fall Promotion. These prices assume that you sign a reservation during September when upgrades and options are 50%  off:

Linden cottage floor plan The Linden

Base Price: $205,000

Loft: $20,000

50% off all options & upgrades: ($10,000)

Starting Price in September 2014: $215,000


The Juniper

Base Price: $199,000

Loft: $20,000

50% of all options & upgrades: ($10,000)

Starting Price in September 2014: $209,000


To see all options and upgrades, click here.

For detailed information and to take a tour, please contact Roberta in the Sales Office.









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